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, the wording, purchase, and spelling from the title suitable is followed accurately mainly because it seems in or to the item, but punctuation and capitalization may be changed from the cataloger.

A short leather tongue, generally rounded with the corners, projecting from the head and/or tail of the backbone on some bindings with the seventh to 12th century, to facilitate elimination of the quantity from a storage chest. Click here to see an case in point on a twelfth-century binding (Schøyen Selection, MS 021).

Some thematic catalogs are dedicated to musical works of a particular form and interval, normally organized alphabetically by identify of composer. Look at with thematic index.

In textbooks that contains details in tabular format, a list of tables is usually provided from the entrance issue with webpage quantities as locators. Some statistical reference will work consisting solely of tables are indexed by desk selection (

A graphic impression made for the look and creation of woven or non-woven cloth, or to document this kind of work (see this example, courtesy of the Hunterian Museum and Artwork Gallery, Glasgow College).

Invited members may very well be famous people or other very well-recognised figures, or normal people who have a little something in frequent. The host might pose thoughts although the structure is mostly much less formal than an interview. Late night chat displays

Also refers to your joined set of postage stamps printed the wrong way up in relation to each other (see these examples).

A bit of equipment created to transform the photographs and sound keep track of on Movie movie to Digital indicators recorded on videotape or as graphic documents on disk, or telecast right without the need of recording (see this instance).

A mark in the shape of a horizontal inverted "s" (~) employed for a diacritical mark in excess of specified letters inside the Spanish and Portuguese languages to point pronunciation, for a image indicating negation in logic, the geometric relation "is analogous to" in mathematics, and in URLs, usually accompanied by the identify of the individual to blame for making and/or retaining the Website.

on PBS). The episodes in the fiction sequence ordinarily share the same characters in the predictable setting, occasionally that has a continuous plot (cleaning soap operas and sitcoms are On this class). A television mini-sequence

In film manufacturing and audio recording, 1 make an effort to film a scene or file a overall performance. The editor normally selects a person Edition from a number of takes for inclusion in the completed operate.

Also refers to the report kept for statistical reasons of the quantity of library patrons who receive help from staff members in a service issue, for instance, the quantity of questions answered by librarians on the reference desk, normally broken down by variety of dilemma (directional, informational, instructional, referral).

A narrative account of a true, imaginary, or legendary incident, typically advised in the 1st person inside of a rambling fashion, with extra focus to plot and location than to character development (see this instance). Most tales are operates of brief fiction (

In the situation of authorized files, for instance licenses and commissions, the stamp might be expected for your go document to get legally valid. In the United States, these kinds of duties are gathered by the individual states.

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